What's wrong with citation analysis?


Other than your papers not being cited enough, what's wrong with measuring scientific influence based on citation count? Citation analysis-based decisions concerning grants, promotions, etc. have become popular because, among other things, they're considered "unbiased." After all, such analysis gives numbers even non-professionals can understand, helping them make the best and most accurate decisions.


ScienceHunter Ред. 20.02.2019

How to write an effective title and abstract and choose appropriate keywords


You may find the useful application “Automated abstracts formatting for scientific articles” here

More often than not, when researchers set about writing a paper, they spend the most time on the "meat" of the article (the Methods, Results, and Discussion sections). Little thought goes into the title and abstract, while keywords get even lesser attention, often being typed out on-the-spot in a journal’s submission system.