Предлагаю - Проект: Virtual Lab with computationally connected 3D multi-body dynamics, hydrodynamics and heat transfer for modeling of physical processes


The project aims to create a virtual laboratory for numerical experiments to study physical processes. Virtual Lab has great potential for setting the parameters of a mathematical model, multithreaded computing on modern processors, visualization and preservation of 3D and 2D modeling results, including support for mobile devices.

Цель решения проблемы:

Conducting experiments in industrial and laboratory conditions are often difficult and expensive. For example, the study of the movement of liquid steel with additives complicated by the lack of transparency and high temperature. Computer modeling of physical processes are much cheaper, widely used at present and opens up the possibility of experimentation to a wide range of users.

Суть проекта:

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj5Qw63uP7u7lWlMkD96A9Q A computer program that allows users to configure and store a variety of initial, boundary conditions and auxiliary parameters of mathematical model; performs multithreaded computing on modern processors using three methods of parallelization; display on the monitor complex 3D-scene and dependency charts, also has the ability to save a video file and turn-based experiment results.

Конкурентные преимущества:

Availability, ease of setup and cheapness to all users. It takes specifics of the process flow into account better.


The project covers a large range of interesting fundamental trends in mathematical modeling of physical processes and software development for a wide audience of users and includes a calculation module and 3D-visualization of modeling results.